[ Design ] CHA[i]r-ITY

Project Name: CHA[i]r-ITY
Location: N/A
Typology: Furniture
Size: Varies
Date: 2011
Project Team: Jay S. Lim (Design Lead), Krista Smith, Steven Schumann
Recognition: Featured at Architecture Week 2011 [Ottawa]

Inherent within all new building projects is plywood hoarding and job boards that highlight the names of project contributors. Traditionally this plywood material is disposed of at the completion of a project, creating waste.

Originally designed for the Hoskins Square project for Habitat for Humanity - Brampton, CHA[i]R-ITY is a symbiotic re-use strategy which repurposes the, typically wasted, plywood to create furniture. It serves as a way to re-use construction waste while simultaneously helping the new residents transition to their new home, which would normally come unfurnished. The concept was intended to help encourage donors to sponsor a piece of furniture. Once the project was complete and the job board was removed, the sponsors would know that the board would be transformed into furniture and a small logo of the sponsor would remain.

Each of the furniture pieces, along with instructions, are pre-printed on the back of the plywood. When the sheets are no longer needed, they can be cut and re-assembled using the basic tools on site. The family can leave the furniture as-is, or paint and customize the components to suit their tastes.