25:8 Research + Design

25:8 Research + Design is a multinational studio dedicated to strategic interventions at the boundaries of urbanism and architecture in a post globalized world.

25:8 is actively pursuing the design and deployment of adaptive systems to prepare the human environment for a future of confrontation with the forces of climate change, catastrophic natural disasters, global urbanization, suburban sprawl, infrastructure degradation and energy addictive land use patterns.

Jay S. Lim – 25:8 Research + Design

Jay S. Lim, aia, oaa, leed ap, mraic
b.tech, m.arch, msaud

Jay S. Lim is a LEED accredited architect and a Principal of 25:8 Research + Design. He earned a bachelor of technology from Ryerson University, a Master of Architecture Degree from Syracuse University and a Master of Urban Design & Architecture from Columbia University. Prior to starting 25:8 Research + Design, he worked for notable architecture firms in New York, Venice and Toronto. In addition to managing the Canadian armature of 25:8, Jay remains actively engaged in the academic community by teaching courses in Technology and Design at Carleton University's School of Architecture.

Erick Gregory – 25:8 Research + Design

Erick Gregory, leed ap
b. arch, msaud

Erick is a LEED accredited professional and a principal of 25:8 Research + Design.

Erick earned a bachelor of architecture from the University of Oklahoma and a Master of Urban Design & Architecture from Columbia University. Prior to starting 25:8 Research + Design, he worked for various architecture firms in New York, San Francisco, Kanas City and Oklahoma. His work can be seen in several publications including Urban Climate Change Crossroads (Pluntz, R. and Sutto, M., 2008) and Constellations: Constructing Urban Design Practices (Khan A., Cannon C., Duong P., Verbakel E., 2007).

Christopher Reynolds – 25:8 Research + Design

Christopher Reynolds, leed ap
b. arch, msaud

Christopher is passionate about unraveling opportunities for economic and environment development through elimination of disciplinary boundaries segmenting the evolution of policy and design for the built environment. Having received a graduate degree in urban design from Columbia University, and undergraduate degree in in architecture from Carnegie Mellon, Christopher was previously with the international architecture and engineering firm, Burt Hill designing and managing projects across a diverse range of scales and building types. His experience spans from design of multi-family residential, commercial office an mixed use buildings to urban design, and district master plans in Ahmedabad India, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE, as well as campus planning and building design for universities throughout the Northwest and Midwestern United States.